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Never before has it been easier and cheaper to change your name by Deed Poll. We offer a quick, easy and stress-free service. It takes just 3-5 minutes to order your new Deed Poll. All for just £9.50

All of our Deed Polls and Certified Copies are hand drafted by our experienced Paralegals for UK use and are guaranteed to be accepted by the DVLA, Passport Office, UK Government and Banks.

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When do you need a Deed Poll?

The assumption often is that when you change your name, for whatever reason, you need a deed poll in order to do it legally. However, although a deed poll is required in some situations, it isn’t in others, and this can lead to confusion. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide on when you do – and don’t – need a deed poll to change your name.

When You Don’t Need A Deed Poll

To make things really simple, here are the times when you can be called something without needing a deed poll to make it legal. They include:

  • Changing your title (ie from Miss to Mrs)
  • Being called a nickname or shortened version of your first name
  • Returning to your maiden name after a divorce
  • When you want to change your surname to a double-barrelled one

When You Do Need A Deed Poll

When it comes to changing your name entirely, rather than simply wanting to be known by a nickname, you will need a deed poll. The examples include:

  • Changing your first name
  • Adding a middle name
  • ‘Meshing’ a surname (instead of double-barrelling, some couples choose to blend their names to make one new name)
  • Taking on a new name after gender reassignment
  • Taking on a new name that is not your maiden name after a divorce
  • Combining your married name with your maiden name after a divorce

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