Do I Have to Stop Using My Previous Name?

Giving up your old name and using your new one going forward is one of the requirements for changing your name by Deed Poll. But what happens if you want to keep using your old name for a specific reason? Is that something you can do? Read on to find out.

Professional Name

Your corporate name may be the same as your name if you operate a business. What does it mean for your business if you plan to change your name? Does the name of your company need to change? Not at all. The company name could stay the same even after you’ve altered it through a Deed Poll. It will be different legally. If you formally change your name to “Sally Smith,” your company name will still be “Sally Smith”, trading as Sally Black,”. Any business stationery you own may continue to use your previous name, but it must be marked as the owner and that you are using your new name. When you notify the bank of a name change, your company account name will also be updated to reflect your new identity.
If you have gotten to know your clients well and don’t want to complicate or ruin your relationship with them by having them call you differently, you can continue to use your previous name for business purposes with your company’s agreement. It shouldn’t be an issue if you wish to do this because most firms don’t mind. When you apply for a passport with your new name, you can also ask the HM Passport Office to write your professional name on the observations page of your passport. This can be very useful if a client has made travel arrangements in your professional name or if you need to present identification in your professional name. You’ll save time and money by doing this instead of having the ticket change to reflect your legal name.

In Summary

Using your former name is appropriate in professional settings, but only in those situations. With the amendment to the Deed Poll, your name can now be used legally. When applying for documents such as a driver’s licence, use your legal name—the name you changed through Deed Poll.
Therefore, whether you’re a sole trader or someone who values their relationships with their clients, you can change your name through a Deed Poll.

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