Does Your Credit Score Change When You Change Your Name?

For various reasons, many people change their names during their lives. However, how would this affect your credit score? It’s a legitimate and frequently asked question. We discuss here the possible impact of a name change on your credit score.

Can My Credit Score Be Erased?

It’s not for us to judge whether you find the thought of having your credit score completely deleted appealing! Not everything is as simple as that, though. No, your credit score won’t disappear when you use a deed poll to change your name.

How Will My New Name Be Discovered by the Authorities?

Using a deed poll to change your name modifies only your name – it does not notify authorities. That is a job for you, and the list of people to inform is not short. You have to tell the appropriate companies of your legal name change. After that, your credit score is updated in accordance with the synchronisation of your new and last names. You can’t stop your names from being associated. 

How soon you notify the appropriate authorities will determine when your old and new names are linked. It will probably take a month for your credit report to be updated if you keep everything up to date and do so promptly. It should be mentioned that changing your name to avoid debts is not a recommended course of action as it is unlikely to be successful and could have serious consequences.

When Is It Time to Rename Myself?

You can feel compelled to use a deed poll to alter your name in several circumstances. Some people are just unhappy with the name they were given or seek a new beginning following a significant event, such as a breakup. Many people use a deed poll to alter their name for various reasons. Ensure the authorities are informed, and all your information is current. This comprises:

  • Banks 
  • Creditors
  • Mortgage provider
  • Local council 
  • Utility provider
  • HMRC
  • Your medical professionals
  • Your company
  • The passport office
  • Change your name on your will

Proof of identity is required for many locations when you join, such as banks and online accounts. You will have a problem if the names in your documentation are inconsistent. Any name change you make should be formally recognised.

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