Old English Male First Names and Their Meanings

Welcoming a new baby into the family is precious, but many people struggle with the name choice. You don’t want to pick something too ‘out there’, but you also don’t want your child to be one of three with the same name in his class. It’s hard to know how to find the right name. Old English names are making a comeback, with strong, classic names cropping up on birth certificates all over the UK. Here we look at some Old English boys’ first names and their meanings. 

Classic Old English First Names for Boys

Addison – This name means ‘Adam’s son’ and is a gender-neutral name. Variations include Addyson and Adamson.

Alfred – Meaning ‘Wise Counsellor, name of a king’. It can be shortened to Alf or Alfie.

Alvin – Meaning ‘Noble friend’.

Baldwin – Meaning ‘Bold, brave friend’. 

Baxter – This name means ‘Baker’ and is often shortened to ‘Bax’.

Charles – A strong name that has never lost its popularity, meaning ‘Free man’. It can also be ‘Charlie’. Why not name a baby after our king?

Cuthbert – Meaning ‘Bright and famous’.

Darwin – Meaning ‘Beloved friend’.

Dayton – Meaning ‘From this sunny town’.

Egbert – This name means ‘Prosperous sword’ and could be shortened to ‘Bert’.

Elton – This name means ‘From the old town’. A name made famous by Elton John – although that is not his real name.

Flint – Meaning ‘Name of the stone’. 

Ford – This means ‘River crossing’.

Garfield – Could be shortened to ‘Garth of Garf’ and means ‘Promontory’.

Grayson – Meaning ‘Son of Gary’ and is often shortened to ‘Gray’.

Harold – This means ‘Ruler of an army’ and is often shortened to ‘Harry’.

Herbert – Meaning ‘Famous within the army’. Sometimes shortened to ‘Bert’.

Jagger – This means ‘A teamster’.

Jarvis – This means ‘Driver, conqueror and spear’.

Kent – Meaning ‘Border or edge’.

Kinsey – This means ‘The King’s island’.

Leighton – This means ‘From the farm by the river’ and can be shortened to ‘Leigh’.

Lincoln – Often shortened to ‘Linc’, this means ‘Home by the pond’.

Marlow – Meaning ‘Driftwood’.

Milton – Simply meaning ‘Mill town’.

Nelson – This means ‘Son of champion or son of Neal (the hero)’.

Newton – Simply meaning ‘New town’.

Osmond – This means ‘God protector’. Sometimes shortened to ‘Ozzy’.

Oswald – This means ‘Divine power, ruler of god’.

Perry – Meaning ‘Of the pear tree’.

Presley – This means ‘Priest’s meadow’.

Ralph – Meaning ‘Wolf, counsel’.

Rudyard – Meaning ‘Red paddock’.

Spencer – This means ‘Dispenser of provisions’.

Stanley – This can be shortened to ‘Stan’ and means ‘Of the rocky meadow’.

Todd – This means ‘Fox-like’.

Vance – Meaning ‘Man from the marsh’.

Wilfred – This name means ‘Much peace’ and can be shortened to ‘Wilf’ or ‘Fred’.

Winston – Meaning ‘Joy stone’. 

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