name change kit

Updating your records

Congratulations on taking a new name! Our deed poll will help you make a quick and stress free change to your new name. But it doesn’t end there. You’ve still got a bit of work to get your records updated.

By signing your deed poll, you agreed to use only your new name for all purposes. This means you’ll need to make sure only your new name is used everywhere, and your old name is removed from all accounts, policies and memberships. Think of all the places you’ll need to notify; drivers licence, passport, electoral roll, HMRC, insurance policies, banks, credit cards, utilities. It’s a long list!

Deed Polls has partnered with Easy Name Change, the UK’s premier name change notification service. Easy Name Change will save you around 6 hours of waiting on hold, writing letters, looking for forms and figuring out what to send where. Simply choose who to notify from their database of over 400 UK organisations. Receive personalised and ready to send letters, forms and emails within minutes!

Companies have a range of processes for you to follow; some may need to you to call or send an email, some may have a special form, need you to visit a branch or call. You can either contact each company directly to learn the process yourself, or receive detailed filing instructions for each of your companies from Easy Name Change.

When calling each company be sure to ask what proof they need. Some may ask you to send in a photocopy of your deed poll or updated photo ID. A few places require your original deed, and some may not require any proof. If you purchase an Easy Name Change kit, each notification lists what supporting document to include.

Keep an eye out on your emails and letters! You’ll no doubt see your old name pop up from time to time in the most unexpected places. It can be difficult to prove your identity where you have different accounts under different names, so be sure to get onto changing your name in all places as quickly as possible.

Not sure if an Easy Name Change kit is worth saving 6 hours? No worries – all name change kits come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’ve been putting off your name change because it seems like too much hard work, then Deed Polls and Easy Name Change can help you get all done in under an hour.