Advice For Under 18s Wishing to Change Their Name

Changing names is something many people decide to do. While you can make this choice at any point in your life, you are not legally able to change your name using a deed poll until you are 16 or 18 in some cases. This blog will cover the legalities of changing your name as a young adult.

Changing Your Name Via Deed Poll Aged 16 or 17

You can change your name using a deed poll from the age of 16, but for this to be an enrolled deed poll, you must have parental or guardian consent. Parents can also not change your name for you without your consent once you reach the age of 16. However, if either of these applies to you, then you will have to obtain consent from parents or guardians in order to change your name under the age of 18 legally:

  • A child arrangement order
  • A residence order
  • A special guardianship order
  • A care order or interim care order 

If you are under one of the above orders and you do not have consent to change your name, you can apply for a court order to do so.

Forgein or Dual Nationality

Different countries may have different rules regarding the age at which you can legally change your name. This means that although you may still be able to change your name in the UK, you will likely have to wait until you are over the required age in the country of which you are a national to update it on your passport. If you have dual nationality, you will need to provide evidence that you cannot change the name on your passport when you apply for your British passport in your new name.

Under 16s

Under 16s are classed as children, and they will therefore require an adult to action any name changes using deed poll on their behalf. This means that everyone with parental responsibility will have a say. If the child lives in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, everyone with parental responsibility must provide written consent to change their name by deed poll. They will also need to provide this consent along with the deed poll when changing their name with official bodies. If the child lives in Scotland, they will only need the consent of one parent or guardian in the form of a written statement. 


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