Using Deed Poll to Change or Add a Middle Name

Not everyone has a middle name, and not everyone that has one likes the one they have. Middle names are given by parents, often in memory of a relative or loved one. Many people have a grandparent’s or a parent’s name as their middle name. Some people have two, three, or even four middle names! Whatever middle names someone may or may not have, they have the option to change it once they become an adult. 

Here we look at changing, removing or adding a middle name with a deed poll. 

More Than Just a Name

For many people, a middle name is more than a moniker. There is a deeper connection and a sense of identity attached to it. This is why it is important to ensure you have the name or names that fit you. Perhaps you do not have a middle name, but a loved one has passed, and you want to honour them by using their name. Maybe you are changing your name for gender fluidity reasons. Whatever the reason, a name is more than a handle for some people.

Common Reasons for Adding or Changing a Middle Name

As we touched on above, people add or change their middle names for different reasons. These may include:

  • In memory of or out of respect for a loved one (this could be a friend, family member or step-parent)
  • To honour an idol – a sporting star, musician or actor could be your inspiration. The death of a hero can prompt many people to adopt their names.
  • To remove a middle name that you dislike – either the name doesn’t suit you or the person it is linked to is not a positive feature in your life.
  • To change your gender identity – if you are changing your name to reflect your non-binary identity, your middle name may no longer be suitable.

Using a Deed Poll to Add, Change or Remove a Middle Name

Amending your middle name using deed poll is quick and easy. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of the process is updating the appropriate authorities with your new details, although not everyone needs to know your middle name. When using a deed poll, you will have your name changer certificate within a few days – it’s as easy as that!

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