Old English Female First Names

Whether you are registering the birth of a new baby, updating your child’s name or changing your own name, it can be hard to find inspiration with so many names to choose from. Here we look at the best old English female names, unearthing some true traditional gems.


Classic Old English First Names for Girls

This is a comprehensive list of Old English names for girls and their meanings. Some are still popular today, others you may not hear so often, but all are strong names with meaning.

Audrey –  A contemporary Old English name meaning ‘Noble Strength.’ 

Beverley – A traditional English name meaning ‘Beaver Stream.’

Cwen – This beautiful Old English name means ‘Queen.’ 

Daisy – An English name that simply means ‘Flower.’

Edith – Derived from the Old English word ‘Ead’, this name means ‘Joyous.’

Fern – This name refers to the leafy plant and has various spellings, including ‘Fearne’ and ‘Ferne’.

Goldie – Pertaining to ‘A person with blond hair’, Goldie comes from the word ‘Gold’.

Hilda – This name is religious and contemporary, meaning ‘Battle,’ and was given to St Hilda of Whitby. 

Isolda – In Old English, this name means ‘Fair’. Variants of Isolda are Isolde and Eseld (Cornish) 

Jocelyn – This name means ‘Just One’, and other spellings include Jocelyne and Joslyn.

Kendra – This religious name implies a baby girl is a ‘Prophetess’.

Lynette – Meaning ‘Bird’.

Meghan – This name means ‘Strong and capable,’ and has remained a prevalent choice in England. 

Nara – This name means ‘Near one’. Variants of Nara include Nera and Narah.

Piper – ‘A Person who plays a pipe’ – Piper has crept back onto the grils’ name list in recent years

Riley/Ryleigh – This Old English name means ‘Rye Cleaning’ and is not so common among girls – a great choice if you want something a little different. 

Shirley – This name means ‘Bright Clearing’ and has stood the test of time very well. 

Winifred – This name was given to Saint Winifred, a Welsh Martyr. 

This is just a snippet of the great Old English names you can choose from – there are many more, so you are sure to find the one for you. Changing your name using Deed Poll has never been easier, so once you have the perfect name, you can make it your own.

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