Can A Deed Poll Be Proof Of Identity

Can A Deed Poll Be Proof Of Identity?

You may think that, since the deed poll document shows your new name, that it might be a perfectly valid form of ID. The truth is not quite so simple, and technically a deed poll is not a form of ID at all, and it won’t be accepted in place of another, valid form of ID such as a passport, birth certificate, or photo driving licence.

This is because a deed poll is only proof that you have changed your name to something new; it is not proof of what your name was, or who you are. In fact, a deed poll is just a legal document, and not a certificate as such which is what some people may be confused about.

Proof of identity is not just about showing something with your name on it. The document that you are using should also have your date of birth, which is why a driving licence, birth certificate, or – best of all – a passport are ideal. A deed poll will not have any other information on it other than the change of name, and therefore cannot be used as a form of ID.

You may need to use ID in a variety of different places. If you are executing a will, for example, with the help of IWC Probate Services, you will need a form of ID. The same is true if you are opening a bank account or applying for a loan. If you are buying anything on credit ID is usually required, and if you are selling, buying, or renting a property you will need to show proof of your name and your address (a utility bill is fine) to align with the anti-money laundering laws.

It is always best to check regarding which ID is accepted and whether you will need to show it before applying for anything or starting any kind of process. This can save you a lot of time and aggravation.